• Al Aleem

    Al Aleem

    Al Aleem Quran learning offers you the best service among others.
  • Our Motto

    Our Motto

    We have developed an extensive curriculum for learning Quran and basic Islamic education. We are committed to provide you highest quality and international standard of Education.
  • Our Faculty

    Our Faculty

    Our staff will be, inshaAllah, the most distinguishing feature of our intuition. We have, Alhamdulliah, the assistance and support of highly dedicated teachers with expertise in their relevant disciplines. Tajweed or correct pronunciation is our target.
  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have a number of distinguishing features that make us different to others. Firstly, our teaching staff is our specialty because they are not only good experts in their fields but carry good training record.

Welcome To Our Website

Al Aleem Quran teaching has been specially designed for benefiting the people, who are facing difficulties in reaching to mosques regularly to learn Quran. It is now possible for everyone to Learn Quran Online, read and understand Quran online just by sitting at home. This Online Quran-Teaching program has been started using advanced technology through internet which involves no traveling and it is fully secured, time-saving, flexible class plans with affordable fee packages for all family members of any age. Our qualified tutors teach the Quran with tajweed. With the help and support of our qualified tutors and scholars, thousands of students now know how to learn Quran with tajweed, read Quran in true Arabic accent and understand Quran. They are now reading it fluently with tajweed in true Arabic accent to understand Quran for applying the Quran instructions in their day-to-day life.

You have nothing to worry about. We will tell you how easy it is to fulfill the most important religious duty/obligation to Quran-Learning, read and understand Quran online. Learning Quran is now just a few clicks away from you. Please Get Registered with Al Aleem Quran to Start to Quran-Learning Online for kids and elders from today.

Saying of the Prophet MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H.) The Best amongst You Are Those Who Learn Quran and Teach It. (Sahih Bukhari)

Al Aleem Quran teaching is a privately owned enterprise which is engaged in exploring the new avenues for promoting remote tutoring, specially for teaching the Holy Quran with tajweed. With its team of specialists in education, it is facilitating thousands of people around the world. Its team for the Quran teaching online project that consists of a large number of qualified and experienced teachers/Qaris.
Al Aleem Quran teaching is equipped with the latest technology innovations and has the most powerful media to reach the people for teaching the holy Quran online in a very affective way so as the people can feel Quran-Learning existence in their homes.

Al Aleem Quran teaching is working as a education resource through remote access. The main purpose of Al Aleem Quran teaching is Quran teaching online with Tajweed., "Seek knowledge even if you are to go to the farthest place in the universe (at the time China)".

Who Can Learn?

Anybody who has internet and personal computer/laptop can learn with us. We will walk you through how to download simple skype for interactive Live Quran Reading and recitation session with live Quran teacher. Holy Quran reading and recitation program is for both the young and the old alike, anyone no age limits, benefit from our online Al Aleem Quran teaching program.


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